Optical elements

Based on the extensive optical glasses, Fused silica, Color filter classes and the optical crystals, LNG Optics offers following user-specific optical components and laser elements. 


Waveplates– Half-wave and Quarter-wave retardance based on Crystal Quartz and MgF2

Multiple Order: 

True Zero-Order: 

Compound Zero-Order: optically contacted or Air spaced

Dual-Wavelength: for SHG to THG procedure, less than λ/100 accuracy.


Birefringent Polarizers– based on Crystal Quartz, Calcite, α-BBO, YVO4

Glan Taylor, Glan Laser, Glan Thompson 

Rochon: deviate e light only 

Wollaston: deviate both light o and e.


Spherical Lenses – SingletsPlanoconvex, Biconvex, Planoconcave, Biconcave, Meniscus& Doublets Achromat.

Cylindrical Lenses – Planoconvex, Planoconcave


Plane platesWindows– Parallel and Wedged

Filters – Long & Short wavelength Pass filters, Neutral density filters, Color glass filters,


Prisms–Dispersion and Reflection




Toroidal mirrors

Gaussian mirror (GRM, Graded Reflectivity Mirror) 


Antireflection coatings: V-Type AR (1-3 wavelengths), Broadband, Single-layer MgF2.

High reflection coatingsand Partial reflection coatings